Carrot Apple Slaw


This is a fun and simple creation that will gear your tastebuds up for a tropical vacation. There are many different variations you can make to fit the flavors you like.

I make mine using a food processor shredding disk to get the ingredients in a nice matchstick form.


Granny Smith Apples



Unsweetened Coconut

White Balsamic Vinegar (whatever flavor you like)

When I am prepping this slaw for the week I use 3 apples, 4-5 large carrots, 1-2 handfuls of nuts and a handful of coconut. I pass all of the ingredients through my food processor and then add the balsamic to taste. My favorite white balsamics to use are ginger and coconut lime.

I eat this on fish tacos, quesadillas, grilled chicken, in salads, as a side dish.. the possibilities are endless!


The Present Moment Cafe – St. Augustine

Dear Diary,

My taste buds have a vegan burger story for you!

present moment

Present Moment Cafe is a quaint little raw food cafe located in the heart of historic St. Augustine. Whether you are dining on a couch, propped up at the bar or seated at a table you will get the same homey feel throughout the entire cafe. The fresh juices are a perfect accompaniment to any meal and the cashew based hummus is a must try starter. The real star of this story however is the burger! The house regular, that graces the menu with its presence on the daily, is the sunlight burger and oh my it will bring some sunshine to your mouth with its flavor bursting deliciousness. Present Moment doesn’t stop there and will take the burger base and create a daily special burger with all new flavor profiles to mix it up. Pictured below is a southwest style spin on the classic sunlight.


If you are in St. Augustine make sure to check out this hidden gem. Just don’t get your heart set on a Sunday Funday raw meal beacause you will find a closed sign on the door.


Until Next Time,